Friday, September 5, 2014

to henry, on your third birthday, with love

I was recently telling a friend about our tradition of writing Henry letters on his birthday and she said, "Oh, I might have to steal that idea."
My response was, "You HAVE to!"
Seriously, I recommend it to anyone.
What a great gift for your child someday.


Three.  THREE!  The baby days came and then went so fast.  All you prepare for when you're expecting is a baby, and then, very quickly, that's over and you've got a toddler.  Toddlers are fun. Toddlers are hard too. You can't reason much with a toddler. In the past year, you've grown from a toddler into a preschooler.  You've changed dramatically, though I have to admit, I hardly noticed while it was happening.  This year has been a big one for all of us.  You turned two and just a few weeks later, Caroline was born.  In my memory, you were the same then, but when I look at pictures, you were so much younger!

It was a tough adjustment for you.  As your third birthday approached, I looked back at this year with a lot of guilt and heaviness.  For you, this was the year of "Hold on," "Not right now," "Be gentle," and "Shhh."  That had to be hard. I was completely unprepared for how hard it would be and how much she would cry, and how many times I would have to disappoint you when you wanted to play and I just COULDN'T.

So I sat in that guilt for a while, and I felt terrible that I couldn't go back and change this past year; to be more patient, to work up more energy when I was running on empty, to just stop more often and look into your eyes and listen to you, and to just notice that you were changing.  But I can't go back.  And that's ok.  The grace of God swept over me in my guilt and reminded me of a few things:

1. I'm always going to fall short as your mother.  I'm human.  There is only One who can meet your every need and my job is to point you to Him.

2. Having a sibling means I can't give you as much of myself, but now have a live-in playmate and a friend for life.  Cherish her. It truly is a gift worth the sacrifice.

3. I have not ruined you, (not yet!).  I am so proud of you, My Son, and of the person you are becoming.  At three, you are compassionate, kind, respectful, polite, obedient, tender-hearted, curious, funny and smart.  You have been forced to learn patience and how to play by yourself, but those are skills you need.  So really, how can I look back and wish to change a thing? I LOVE who you are at three. I love who The Lord is shaping you to be.  He made you, He loves you dearly and with Him, we can't mess this up.

"And we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28

He takes our messes and he makes them good! Therefore, I will continue to point you toward Him and His grace.

I love you, Henry.
I am proud of you.


Henry James!

3 years old! Wow! How did this happen?  Well, I love you more today than I did yesterday; this is how I know you're special. You are the most impressive, funny, caring, giggly, joyful three year old I have ever seen.  Your originality surprises me everyday.  You are so polite too. Always saying please and thank you. And most recently, you have been saying "I love you, Daddy!" a lot.

You make every day special and we are so blessed to have you in this world.  You have so much love in your heart and you love to share that love.  In fact, you don't understand what it would be like to not share that love.

This year, for your birthday, you said you wanted the theme "to be about Jesus...and baseball." What kind of three year old says that! You are so full of joy. You even decided, (with a little help from your mommy), that you wanted to help sick kids, so we donated money to the Make a Wish Foundation in your honor.  Henry, you make me so proud.

Every day you are learning more and more.  Your curiosity for life is amazing.  This last year has been a little different for you with the birth of your sister but you are always proud to be the big brother.  Your sister adores you.  You can bring a smile to her face sometimes when no one else can. Please always love her and take care of her.  You're her big brother, after all... To go along with this, every day when I leave for work, I say "Take care of your..." and you respond, "Take care of my mommy and be good to my sister." You make me so proud.

The best part of my day is still when I get home and you greet me with a big hug and say, "Daddy's home!" You have a very special way of being just you and you are full of "Henryisms".  My favorite right now is when you say, "It's not a big deal." or "May I have just a little bit of milk?" as you fold your hands and make a sweet little 'pretty please' face. Also, you like to say, "I'll just play for two more minutes" whenever it is time to stop something or move on to the next, especially bed time.

Henry, you inspire me to find the good in the world and always look at life as the glass being half full.  You have a great way of reminding me that joy is really what matters in life and that "it's not a big deal" no matter how big or small.  You bring great pride to our family and I am more than blessed and grateful to call you my son.  I promise to always be here for you, support you and love you every day of your life. Happy birthday Henry. Here's to many more to come!



I wasn't planning to do a party for Henry's third birthday.
I am sort of working under a "one and done" philosophy.
We went overboard on his first birthday because something about the miracle of life coming into the world and then changing in just one year from a tiny bundle of dependency into a small, walking, "talking" person is just... well, worth celebrating, in our eyes.

We don't necessarily want our kids growing up thinking that birthdays equal a crazy amount of presents or over the top parties.
Still, we have learned that our dearest friends and family really want to see Henry and celebrate with him on his birthday and we treasure that.
It's such an honor to know that he is so loved.

Our house is small so we can only host outside, which means it's weather dependent, and there's not much parking and blah blah...
Last year, Christian's parents hosted a sweet party for family.

This year, I was explaining the predicament to my friend Jess, (people want to see Henry on his birthday but we aren't really up for hosting a big party in our little house...) and she suggested I ask him what he wants to do on his birthday and then invite people.
So I did.
I think my exact words were, "Hey Henry, who do you want to see on your birthday and what do you want to do?...Like what do you want your birthday to be about?"
I would have put money on race cars, pirates, or going to the park... or that he wouldn't understand the question or just say "I don't know".
Instead, he listed every member of our families and his best buddy, Quinn, and after that long list I was sure he had forgotten the rest of the question...
But no.
He said, "...and I want my birthday to be about Jesus. And Baseball."

I was a little caught off guard, shocked by his ability to answer the question and also deeply touched.
I screamed to Christian, "I think you just reached the peek of your proud parenting moments. How could you ask for anything more? Your son wants his birthday to be about Jesus and baseball!"

I thought he may change his mind seconds later but he never did.
I immediately wondered if we could all go to an Indianapolis Indians game (fun for the adults too!), though I wasn't totally sure how to work Jesus in as a "theme".
There was a game the night before his birthday.

Peanuts, Cracker Jacks...and popcorn. 
The boy is popcorn obsessed.
I recently asked him "What do you like better, ice cream or popsicles?" and he said, "popcorn."

So, how to make Jesus a "theme" at a baseball birthday party... after some thought, we told Henry that Jesus says the most important thing in life is to love God and love others, and not just our friends and family.
The Indianapolis Indians accept donations to the Make a Wish foundation, so that seemed like a perfect way to teach Henry about sharing love with others.
You never know how a kid is going to react to something like this, but we gently suggested that he has a lot of toys and asked if he wanted to give money to help sick kids instead of getting more toys for his birthday and he was genuinely excited.
I would never want to push a kid on that against their wishes.

I promised myself I wouldn't spend too much time or energy since I wasn't planning to have a party to begin with.
I emailed invitations from paperless post and the only "big" project I was thinking of taking on was to make baseball sugar cookies (which would have taken forever), and when we went to the store for ingredients, Henry happened to see this cake and shouted "I want that cake!"
It was $15.
I printed the bunting banner from here.

So, I threw some drinks in a cooler, bought the popcorn in bags, I already had the popcorn containers, used a store bought cake, and made some sandwiches which I put in the (Cleveland) Indians bags that Christian's brother bought him for Christmas.
The snacks were easy.
Putting them in the wagon made it easy and cute!
The pictures make it look way more over the top than it was.

The National Anthem...

Caroline was passed around to all the grandparents.

We sang and had cake between innings.

Henry and his best buddy Quinn ran around in the grass and all of the adults just lounged on blankets.
It was so fun!
Oh, and Quinn got Henry race cars.
He just loves the movie Cars right now.

The next morning, (his actual birthday), he woke up to all of his existing cars and three new ones wrapped from us.

We made him pancakes (his favorite breakfast) with "pink sauce" (Kefir yogurt), sprinkles and candles, then his grammy and grampy picked him up and took him on the train to the state fair.

This is Henry at three...
All of his friends go running off together and he stops to "tell me a story" about a tree.
Probably this one: "Mom, when I grow up, I'm going to climb a tree!"
Then, I point out that all of his friends ran that way and he sort of skips/walks to follow them.

He is not necessarily worried about "keeping up" with his friends (and I'm fine with that as long as he is) but he does adore them.
He talks about them with pride, asks to pray for them, and often puts his arms around them and tells them, "You're a good friend".

Of course, at three, his friends are our friends' kids.
Here is our small groups' growing bunch in age order (5 families, 10 kids, 8 boys, 2 girls):

Oh, and he just had his first day of Jr. Preschool.

Still don't know how we got here.
The days are long but the years are short.

And one last thing about Henry at three...
He doesn't always love sharing the attention with his sister, but he does love her a lot.
(And smothers her with hugs that look more like head locks).

Friday, August 8, 2014

back behind the camera

I managed to take on a photo shoot for the first time since Christmas.

Look how much this family has changed since this shoot a year and a half ago!
They now have little George and Baby #3 on the way.
Those much-prayed-for children are truly miracles as Katie and Mark have experienced their share of heartbreak when it comes to having babies.

Katie made the shoot part easy with her amazing creativity and fun ideas.
Some of them she got from Pinterest but most (like Bea painting and all of them reading a book together) are just things that their family genuinely likes to do.

It felt so good to get back behind the camera.
I love being able to bless my friends with affordable family portraits but I haven't felt ready to take on photography much since Caroline was born.

...and now it's 2:30 in the morning.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

caroline: 9 months, henry: 34 months

 For the first time since Caroline was born, I can actually say we are doing great.
Something changed when they started napping at the same time every day.
I was able to breath at least once a day.

At nine months, she's also sleeping much better at night.
Sleep makes all the difference in the world.

I feel so much more confident about going out with both of them lately.
I'm guessing that's mostly because Henry has become a great listener, so easy to reason with and very much eager to please.
He's almost three, after all.
I can't believe I just said that out loud.

Caroline is still a bit sassy.
She still demands a lot of attention and I know that's hard for Henry.
However, he gets "Henry-Mommy Time" during her morning nap and "Henry-Mommy-Daddy" time after she goes to bed.
He still gets really excited when she wakes up.
He is always the first to hear her. 
He begs to go into her room, crawls into her crib, and says, "Want to play with me, sister?"

Nine months seems to be a magical age for me.
It was the same way with Henry.
This time around, I feel that it's God's way of saying, 'Enjoy this breather and rest up.  It's about to get crazy again...'
I can't believe she'll be one in just three more months.
Soon she'll really be crawling...and into everything...then walking, (or worse, running!)

Then there's talking. 
I can't wait to hear her talk but I am so not ready to hear her tell me "no" all the time.
Henry has finally exited the stage where I am constantly running after him and physically intervening and I am less than excited to enter that stage again.
Now, when I say, "Stay right next to me while we are walking in the parking lot" I know that he will, and it's amazing!

But this time around, I also know what comes out on the other end of all of those firsts, and all of the physical work babies and one year olds require.
I see Henry play make believe and board games, sing songs and hold his own in a real conversation, and I am very excited for what is to come with Caroline.

Here's a look back and a quick re-cap of the last 3 months:

_ _ _

Caroline: 7 months, Henry: 32 months

Their faces say it all.
Potty training was a very smooth and easy process for Henry.
We tried the "3 Day Potty Training" method and it worked great.

Sleep training is still a work in progress.
She's not a fan.

MLB opening day, (that's a holiday in our house).

Since we couldn't get to Cleveland, we went to the Indianapolis Indians' opening game.

Fireworks after the game:

Auntie Leesha visited this month and met Caroline for the first time!

Henry melted our hearts this year by running into our room on Easter morning and shouting "It's Easter, guys! Jesus is ALIVE!"
He repeated this to every person he saw that day (and the week that followed).

Caroline with Aunt Sarah:

The annual (adults included) easter egg hunt:

Until we got the sleep thing under control, we were just getting lots of cat naps...

Seriously, though, not sleeping isn't funny.

_ _ _

Caroline: 8 months, Henry: 33 months

This was such a breath of fresh air for me.
A much needed breath of fresh air.
I can't believe it took 8 months.

Henry, looking like such a big boy as he eats his apple.

REALLY starting to look like siblings.
Check out those facial expressions in the "outtake" shots.
They have the same mouth!

Caroline's favorite thing: walking.

_ _ _

Caroline: 9 months, Henry: 34 months

Spoiler alert:
Don't be too excited for us.
The 10 month chalkboard should probably say SLEEP REGRESSION!
But it was sure nice while it lasted and I'll save that story for the 10 month post.

This little girl is getting BUSY!

At some point, while I wasn't paying attention in the past couple months, she went through a growth spurt and got really tall.
At her 9 month check up, she weighed 20 lbs, 4 oz. and was 28.5 inches long.

These two together...I can't even handle the chunky, blue-eyed cuteness.
Teddy and Caroline, just get married already!

I love when they play together.

"Mommy, we're on a boat in the Never-Sea!"
(Our bathroom is mostly done, by the way).

_ _ _

Okay, You Two...
I love you so much.
I'm totally starting to see how amazing this whole sibling thing can be.
Don't get me wrong, you still have your moments.

But overall, it's been really fun lately.


_ _ _

The older these two get, the less we take cute videos because... well, our hands are busy.
This is a hodgepodge of random moments, Caroline being Caroline (I don't even think she knows why she's fussing half the time), and a glimpse of her long attention span at 7 months as she tries to eat cheerios. 

It ends with a clip of me sneaking around a corner to capture Henry playing peek-a-boo with Caroline.
It's sweet because he doesn't know I'm there until he sees me.
Yep, he's in his underwear and has put my nursing cover over Caroline's head.
He gives her the sweetest hug, then he sees me and says a little poem that his grammy taught him.
I love how patient she is and how she squeals and giggles when he finally pulls the nursing cover off of her head.
She'll put up with just about anything he does.